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FootPrintsCRM Bridge Overview

The FootPrints CRM Bridge is a set of integrations between FootPrints and several of the leading sales automation tools. Specifically, the CRM Bridge integrates with:

There are two parts to the CRM Bridge integration. The contact database from the sales automation database is dynamically linked to the FootPrints Address Book, enabling support agents in FootPrints to access customer contact information entered by the sales representative that resides in the sales automation tool. This enables the support representative to use the latest contact data for a customer. And if customer self-service is enabled, customer requests in v are pre-filled with the customer’s latest information from the sales automation database. In this way, the organization only needs to maintain one customer contact database, saving time and ensuring data accuracy.

In addition, sales representatives can view their customers’ active support issues residing in FootPrints via a hypertext link or button from within the sales automation tool. This gives the sales representative read-only access to his or her customer’s support history at a glance. Using this feature, sales representatives can get the latest support activity for their customers at any time, making them better prepared when contacting their customers. By providing fast, easy read-only access to important customer data, the CRM Bridge can also help improve communication between the sales and support teams.

The FootPrintsCRM Bridge requires no additional programming and only a few minutes of configuration in each tool (FootPrints and the selected sales automation tool).  While the configuration for each sales tool is slightly different, all three of the sales force automation tools that have been integrated with FootPrints can be configured in practically no time.  Complete instructions are provided below for implementing the integration.  Configuring the sales automation tool requires administrative access to the selected tool.


The FootPrints CRM Bridge is only available if you have purchased the Dynamic SQL Link license, an add-on to FootPrints.  If you are interested in purchasing a Dynamic SQL link license, contact a sales representative at BMC or your local distributor.

FootPrintsCRM Bridge Installations and Platforms

FootPrints with CRM Bridge support is now available on the BMC download site.

There are installations available for three platforms:

This is a full installation of FootPrints, and can not be used to upgrade an existing installation of FootPrints. If a customer would like to try the CRM Bridge with an existing installation, they should call their BMC sales representative.


If you are using the CRM Bridge with Microsoft CRM, you must be running FootPrints on Windows. For, you can run on any FootPrints-supported platform

Topics in this chapter include:

Footprints CRM Bridge and Fields

FootPrints CRM Bridge can work with different field types in contact records in , but there are some considerations when using something other than a character field:


When a field is created in FootPrints for use by the CRM bridge, that field is available subsequently if the Workspace is converted to using the FootPrints Address Book.