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Using to Access FootPrints Issues

To access a contact's support information from your account:

  1. Log into
  2. Select the Contacts tab.  The Contacts page is displayed.
  1. On the Contacts page, click on the name of either an individual contact or the Account Name.  The contact information for the selected contact is displayed.
  2. Click the FootPrints support link in the Web Links section of the contact information.  The FootPrints support link name is determined by the administrator when configuring the account.  There may be several different links in the Web Links section; contact your administrator if you do not know which link is the FootPrints support link.  A pop-up window showing the FootPrints Issues for the selected account is displayed.

You can now view the FootPrints Issues.

Working with FootPrints Issues from

When the Issues list is displayed in the pop-up, several FootPrints functions are available for viewing different aspects of the Issues.  The available functions are: