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Configuration of Address Book in FootPrints for Microsoft CRM

This section describes setting up FootPrints to use the MS CRM Address Book.


The FootPrints CRM Bridge is only available if you have purchased the Dynamic SQL Link license, an add-on to FootPrints.  If you are interested in purchasing a Dynamic SQL link license, contact a sales representative at BMC or your local distributor.

To set up MS CRM integration with FootPrints:

  1. Select Administration | Address Book | Address Book Type.
  2. Check the checkbox for MS CRM.  The Configure Address Book Connection (Step 1) page is displayed.
  3. From this page, you can define basic Address Book options:
  1. Click the Next button.  The Configure Address Book Connection (Step 2) page is displayed.
  2. If it is not pre-selected for you, select dbo.ContactBase from the Select a Table or a View drop-down menu and then click Next.  The Configure Address Book Connection (Step 3) page is displayed.
  3. Map your FootPrints fields to your MS CRM fields using the drop-down lists.  Drop-downs are labeled as FootPrints fields.  From each drop-down list, select the MS CRM field that corresponds to the FootPrints field.  If there is no corresponding MS CRM field, select Delete Field from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Next when you have finished mapping the fields.  The Configure Address Book Connection (Step 4) page is displayed.
  5. This page allows you to create new fields in FootPrints to be mapped to fields you have in your MS CRM Address Book.  This page is only for creating fields to map to MS CRM Address Book fields.  Refer to Adding Fields to the Address Book for details on completing this page.  When you add a new field, you can map it to an MS CRM field using the External Database Field drop-down list.
  6. Click Finish when you have completed adding and mapping new fields (if you chose to add any).