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Saved Time Tracking Reports

Time Tracking reports can be saved as templates.  Each time a saved report template is run, it returns the latest matching data.  These reports can be run from the web interface or scheduled to be run and emailed automatically.  Refer to Auto Run Reports for more information on how to run and email reports automatically.

Access a Saved Time Tracking Report

  1. Select Reports | My Reports from the FootPrints Toolbar. Saved Time Tracking Reports are listed in a drop-down.
  2. Select the report from the drop-down.
  3. Click the Run radio button to run the report (this is the default), the Edit radio button to edit the report, or the Delete radio button to delete the report.
  4. Click the GO button.
  5. If you selected Edit, change values as needed, then save and run the report. If you selected Run, the report is run and displayed. If you selected Delete, the report is deleted. Deleting a Time Tracking report deletes the report for all users.


Saving the report here only saves the report formatting options and criteria chosen in this form, not the results of the report.  This feature can be used to run the same report in the future.  For example, you could set the report to be run once a week.  Each time the report is run, it returns the latest data from the current Workspace.  Saving report output is covered in Saving and Printing Report Data.