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A FootPrints Workspace comprises a set of related IssuesIssue is the default name given to a FootPrints record.  Each Issue is a numbered record in the FootPrints Workspace database around which all Service Desk and problem tracking activity centers.  There are different categories of Issues in FootPrints, including regular Issues, Requests, Quick Issues, Subtasks, and Global Issues.


During the initial Workspace Setup Wizard (and per Workspace), the administrator is given the chance to change the default term Issue to another name, such as Entry, Call, or Ticket.  For clarity, this manual always refers to FootPrints records as Issues.

A user's ability to access fields is determined by the user's role as configured by the Workspace administrator.  You may encounter fields in which you are unable to enter data or which become hidden when their status changes.  In addition, some fields may be optional in one status and mandatory in another.  If you are unsure about why you cannot access a field at one time or another, contact your Workspace administrator to determine why this is.

This chapter covers the basics of creating and working with Issues in the following topics:

More advanced Issue types, including Quick Issues, Master Issues and Subtasks, and Global Issues are covered in Advanced Issue Types.

A Note On the Appearance of the Create and Edit Issues Pages

FootPrints allows Agents to choose between expandable/collapsible sections or sections displayed as tabs. Agents select the type of view they wish to use in the Issues section of the Preferences page. To choose the view, select Preferences, scroll down to the Issues section or select the Issues tab, and make your selection. When tabs are used, tabs containing mandatory fields are labeled in red text on the Create and Edit Issue pages to assist in finding incomplete mandatory fields. However, the tabs remain in red even when the fields have been completed. The best way to determine whether all mandatory fields have been completed is to submit the Issue. If any mandatory fields have not been completed, FootPrints will display a window listing the incomplete fields.