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Create a Time Tracking Report

  1. Select Reports | Time Tracking from the FootPrints Toolbar.
  2. Complete the tabs as described earlier in this document under Custom Reports. Some items, however, are specific to the Time Tracking Report, as follows:
  1. Formatting—Time Tracking reports contain built-in data, including Issue Number, Title, Time Spent, Billing Amount, etc. Additional fields can also be included. These fields are displayed one to a line in the order selected. The History field is a special field that includes the Issue history in the report. The Email History field is a special field that includes the email history in the report.  This provides an audit trail in reporting.  Because this type of report searches every record included in the report for every email notification, using this field can cause a slowdown in the reporting. This provides an audit trail in reporting. Also select the format for text file output. This only applies to Text File style. Choices are comma-delimited file (.csv), tab delimited (.tsv), or your custom delimited (.txt).
  2. Time Tracking Tab
  1. On the Save/Run tab, enter a name for the report to save it. Each time a saved report template is run, it returns the latest matching data. Click GO to run the report.


Saving the report here only saves the report formatting options and criteria chosen in this form, not the results of the report.  This feature can be used to run the same report in the future.  For example, you could set the report to be run once a week.  Each time the report is run, it returns the latest data from the current Workspace.  Saving report output is covered in Saving and Printing Report Data.

Note on Permissions

Reports can be restricted based on a user's RoleClosed. Time Tracking reports may not be available, or some options may not appear, if your role does not allow access.  Please consult your FootPrints administrator for more information.

The FootPrints Time Tracking report returns totals and averages of all time tracking data included in the report and individual time-tracking information for each Issue on which it reports.  In addition to returning specific data for billing purposes, the Time Tracking report can return averages and totals for a specific internal user, customer, status or priority type, etc.


Average times on Time Tracking reports are in decimal hours, not hours and minutes.  For example, an average of "1.25" means 1 hour and 15 minutes.

In addition, if time tracking comments are enabled in this Workspace, they are automatically included in the Time Tracking report.