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How do I setup my Purdue Career Account?
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Information You Will Need Before You Begin

For undergraduate and professional students, the PUID number and career account setup password (PIN) needed to activate your account will be located in the acceptance packet that was mailed to you.  For graduate students, your PUID number is provided in your online admission decision letter.  Your PIN was sent to you via email from the Graduate School's Admissions office after you reviewed your online admission decision letter.



  • If you are an undergraduate and do not have your acceptance packet, you will need to contact the Admissions office to retrieve this information. They can be reached by phone at (765)494-1776 or by email at
  • If you are a graduate student and have not yet reviewed your online admission decision letter from the Graduate School, please do so to find your PIN. If you have reviewed your online decision letter from the Graduate School, but have not received an email, try checking your spam or junk mail folder.  The email will be from


To Activate Your Account

If you have any questions regarding how to set up your Career Account, email ITaP at or call at (765) 494-4000.  Please be prepared to provide your Career Account login when you contact ITaP.


1.  Once you have the documents providing your PUID and account setup password (PIN), proceed to the Purdue Career Account activation site at This tool will provide you with your Purdue Career Account username and allow you to set up a password of your choice. Your Purdue Career Account will be used to access most online tools while at Purdue like your @purdue email services, the myPurdue web pages, ITaP computer labs, and more.


2.  Enter your PUID number, date of birth, and PIN in the appropriate blanks. Be sure to follow the formatting guidelines provided. Click 'Continue' to proceed to the next step.


Account setup front page



3.  The next page provides you with your Purdue Career Account username, and prompts you to setup a password for this account. Enter your desired password in the first blank, then retype your password in the second blank for confirmation. Please be sure to memorize your Purdue Career Account username and password since you will be using it to access Purdue services. Click 'Continue' to proceed to the next step. The page will display an error if your password does not meet some of the listed requirements.


Account setup password creation



4.  Next you will choose your Purdue email service setting. Please see What choices of email services do I have through the new account setup process? for more information about each option. Click 'Continue' to proceed to the next page.


Caution: Email that is forwarded to an external email address will be subject to your personal email spam filter.  To ensure that all official Purdue email communications are received, use Purdue's myMail service. 


Account setup mail service choices



5.  Next, you will setup password challenge questions to be used in the event that you forget your password. Please select the check boxes and provide answers to at least 3 of the questions. Click 'Save Changes' to proceed to the next page.


NOTE: The answers you provide are case sensitive.


Account setup challenge questions



6. Choose to opt-in or opt-out of receiving text messages regarding public safety emergencies in the campus area. Click 'Save' to proceed to the next page.


Account setup emergency notification settings



7. Choose whether you would like account change notifications to be sent to an additional email address. Major account change notifications are automatically sent to your Purdue email address. Click "Save' to proceed to the next page.


Account setup settings change notifications



8. You have now completed the account setup process. Your career account username is provided again for your records.







If you are having issues accessing the Purdue Career Account activation site, remember that the career account setup password is case sensitive and should be entered into the field exactly as it is listed in your acceptance document.  Also be cautious of characters and numbers that may resemble each other (examples include 'O's' and zero's, 'B's' and eights, 'l's' and ones and 'G's' and 'Q's').




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