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How can I change my Career Account login?
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To change your Career Account login, you must complete a 'Form 10' at the ITaP Customer Service Center located in the HSSE Library in Stewart Center.  Once the form is completed, you will be required to show a valid government issued picture ID.


Because each Purdue Career Account must be unique, we can not tell you if the login that you are requesting will be given to you.  The 'Form 10' allows you to request three Career Account login choices, with no more than 8 characters. If the login you request is unavailable, your other options will be considered.

Note: Your request will be submitted, and you will be notified within 7-10 business days. Submitting a Form 10 is not a guarantee your request will be approved.


Reasons to request a Login change

  • A legal name change.
  • If the login given to you is offensive.
  • If ITaP originally received your name with a typo causing the name to be spelled incorrectly.
  • If you have reasons other than above, state the reason on the 'Form 10' to be considered.




  • You MUST provide three login choices that are 3-8 characters.  The login choice must be part of your name. (John Bob Smith could request 'john', 'jbs', 'john123', 'smith845', 'smithj', 'bob', etc.) A reason for the change must also be provided (Name Change, Offensive, etc...).
  • You MUST provide an alternate (non-Purdue) email address. This is to ensure that we can maintain communication with you while the login change is being processed.
  • If you want to keep your '' e-mail address as well as create a '', you may want to create an alternate email address instead of requesting a login change. 




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